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Abacus Pre-school, based at the New Malden Methodist church, provides a caring and a stimulating environment for all children attending, according to their individual and special educational needs. The group has a family atmosphere, nurturing children as they learn through their experiences. Abacus values the uniqueness of each child and aims to foster an enabling environment in which they can grow into inquisitive and confident learners. 


Abacus is registered to take up to 52 children from Monday to Friday from 2 - 4 years of age. The morning sessions currently operate in two rooms on Monday, Wednesday and Friday due to the high number of children on those days whilst on Tuesday and Thursday all the children play in one room.The afternoon sessions are held in the larger room from Monday to Friday. In each room, fun and engaging activities are well-planned according to the EYFS framework to ensure that each child builds a solid foundation as life long learners. In addition, we have access to a hall upstairs and a garden for physical development. 


Abacus’ vision is firmly grounded in our belief that all children are unique and precious. We aim to create a loving, stimulating and risk-taking environment in which children feel confident to explore and challenge themselves. Our program will focus on developing children holistically where they can engage in a variety of experiences and grow socially, physically, emotionally and intellectually in a safe and secure setting.

We also want to celebrate and promote the diverse, multicultural and mulit-faith community from where children and their families may come from. By doing so, we hope that children will be proud of who they are and consequently build up their self-esteem.


With the children at the heart of the setting the staff at Abacus aim to provide:

  • A positive environment where each child can play happily and safely.

  • An atmosphere where children know they are valued and feel confident to challenge themselves.

  • A range of stimulating activities and experience based on the EYFS that engage children and enables them to develop key skills and attitudes.

  • The opportunity for children to become more independent and resilient yet understand that their key worker and other staff are there to support them.

  • Time and space for children to develop their confidence and interact with each other and the adults supporting them.

  • An open relationship between staff and parents where information is shared to support the development and progression of the child.

  • An environment where children are encouraged to explore a range of roles and activities regardless of gender, religion, special educational needs and ethnicity whilst promoting equality and diversity.

  • Staff who are suitably qualified to ensure high quality care.

  • Equal access to the curriculum for all children

OUR OBJECTIVES (How will we get there?)

  • Ensuring staff are well equipped with knowledge of current statutory framework and key other areas e.g. safeguarding and SEND by sending them on different courses so that they can tailor activities to suit individual needs of children.

  • Each child will have a key worker who will support them and their families during their settling in time.

  • Key workers will also record child’s development in a learning journey which can be viewed by parents termly.

  •  Use positive language and praise to acknowledge and encourage a child when they have demonstrated resilience and kindness.

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